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IJohn Contabile Claremont Real Estate Co

Realtor® Associate - BA, SFR, AREPS, Volunteer at Priceless Pets Rescue



Mobile/Text: 909-282-7173

I have a passion for serving and protecting people. It has been a part of everything I have done in life and continues to be a driving force for me as a Realtor.

For me, real estate is more than just a job or a has become a service and a way of life. As a result, I enjoy what I do because it allows me to help people make informed decisions and know that their real estate transaction is handled well.

A big part of handling a real estate transaction well ends in saving my clients time and money. You need an agent with proven results. An agent that not only understands the process from start to finish, but improves the process every transaction and has a documented approach that produces the results you need.

Negotiations, legalities, disclosures, contingencies, timelines...all of these things go on behind the scenes of a real estate transaction. I thrive in this environment because I see all of it as a means to an end - saving my clients money and providing a hassle free experience so they can enjoy their home.

My objective is quite simple: To do such a great job that I become your Realtor of choice and the agent you readily recommend to friends and family!


Who is Fathom?

Fathom Realty represents the future of the real estate brokerage. How?


Fathom is a cloud-based, technology-driven, full-service real estate brokerage providing our agents with the industry's best commission splits ... all without compromising on providing the effective training and the highest level of support our agents deserve.

Our agents keep more of their hard-earned commission and therefore are able to reinvest more money back into their marketing and serving their clients.

It’s no wonder Fathom Realty as one of the largest brokerages in the nation by the Real Trends 500 Ranking.

What's In a Name?

The word Fathom means, ‘to come to understand’. Fathom strives to give the power back to our agents and shift the industry from broker-centric to agent-centric.


This helps ensure that our clients are better taken care of.


Our mission statement embraces the principle of servant leadership, highlights our deep desire for transformation, and calls us to a higher ideal in serving others.