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5 Ways Buyers Can Win Sellers Over And Get Their Offer Accepted

I am always telling my buyers that in real estate everything is negotiable. Everything. So, why not use that to your advantage?

Well, the sad fact is that most real estate agents take the easiest path in writing offers for their buyers. Fill in the blanks, get it signed, send it over, hope for the best. But there are things that successful real estate agents do that set the offers they submit to a seller apart from the others. And in a competitive market like we are in now, that makes all the difference.

Yet, all buyers still want to offer an amount that they feel represents a fair market value. I can’t tell you how many buyers tell me they don’t want to “get into a bidding war.” So buyers and their agents who fixate on purchase price and/or mortgage size alone often overlook opportunities to save money on both.

Market value is not simply one price, but is represented by a price range. This means a property can sell at market value at any price across this range, especially when the offer is taken as a sum total of value for the seller, not just at its stated price.

So, by adding value to the components of an offer, a lower purchase price may become attractive to the seller.

Knowing how to convince sellers and their agent how your lower purchase price represents the best value to the seller makes all the difference when competing with other buyers. With proper planning and preparation, a good real estate agent can significantly improve their buyer’s bargaining position with sellers.

So, let's prepare, in advance, to present multi-pronged value in your offer to purchase. You may benefit with an accepted offer and perhaps a smaller mortgage which carries lower overall mortgage interest cost.

Shoot me a text or call me and ask for the 5 Ways Buyers Can Win Sellers Over And Get Their Offer Accepted. This is an advantage you need to compete in this market!

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